The veterinary team at Cornerstone Animal Hospital in North Richland Hills can use non-invasive tools such as the X-Ray when treating our patients. Our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art digital X-Ray system that will help to identify the cause of your pet’s discomfort, illness or injury.

When is X-Ray necessary

If your pet is acting sick or has suffered a trauma, X-rays provide a valuable tool to help our doctors diagnose your pet and to take care of it.

General Wellness exam of senior pets to identify any potential problems which may end up serious later on:

  • Urinary bladder stone or Kidney stone:
  • Chest abnormalities like enlarged heart, tumors
  • Lung abnormalities like pulmonary edema, Pneumonia
  • Broken bone (Fracture) or dislocation of joints
  • Tumor (mass) or Cancer
  • Twisted stomach or intestines
  • Swallowed coin or may other foreign material in the stomach or intestine.
  • Dental X-Ray

    Dental X-ray is used to identify healthy teeth from those that are infected and may need to be extracted. It also helps to identify any abnormalities beneath the gums including root damage, tumors, and abscesses.

    The Veterinarians at Cornerstone Animal Hospital may use X-ray in conjunction with other diagnostics like Ultrasound or Echocardiography to tailor an individualized treatment protocol for some illnesses.

    An X-Ray consult with a Board-Certified Radiologist is available at all the time at extra charges.

    For more information on image studies, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (817) 514-8387.