Pet Dermatology In North Richland Hills

Just like humans, pets can experience allergy and skin problems. By visiting your veterinarian in North Richland Hills you will find best way to treat any rash, skin irritation, or infection on your pet promptly. If you have a cat or dog, checking your pet for skin problems regularly ensures they are have a healthy lifestyle. Our Veterinarian also serves resident in Keller, Colleyville and Southlake. If you suspect your pet may be suffering from a rash or other skin condition, contact our veterinarians today!

Irritation in Pets

Does your pet have a flea problem? If so, it is likely they will suffer from skin irritation as a result. Hair loss, itchiness, and red, raised bumps are all common symptoms from a flea infestation. In addition, a pet is likely to feel stress or anxiety from having fleas since they will be constantly scratching or biting themselves. It is imperative you monitor your pet to prevent them from injuring themselves from the constant scratching. Our veterinarian can help by prescribing topical flea treatment medication to cats or dogs will help to remove existing fleas and keep further ones from returning.

Pet Hair Loss

If a pet suffers from hair loss, it may be the resulting symptom of an underlying skin problem. If a pet’s skin is itchy and irritating, they may lick at their body in an attempt to stop the discomfort. This, in turn, may result in a loss of fur in affected areas. Our North Richland Hill veterinarian can help diagnose the problem further.

Skin Rashes

Have you noticed any unusual skin rashes on your pet? There are a variety of reasons for the presence of a rash including an allergic reaction, parasite infestation, allergy, or improper diet. A rash usually requires a lifestyle change for the pet, in addition to proper feeding and grooming procedures.

Pets Can Also Have Allergic Reactions

Some animals have allergic reactions from food or flea bites. If your pet shows signs of itchiness with raised bumps on the skin, contact our veterinarian today. They will do tests to determine what is causing the reaction and will prescribe an appropriate medication to treat the allergy. To help reduce the chance of an allergic reaction, give your pet routine baths to remove allergens from their coat.

Does Your Pet Have Skin Problems? Call Your North Richland Hills & Keller Veterinarian Today

If you have questions about pet dermatology for your pet, or if your pet is suffering from a skin condition, contact Cornerstone Animal Hospital, Your Veterinarian in Colleyville, Southlake, Keller and North Richland Hills. Call our animal hospital at (817) 514-8387 to make an appointment for pet dermatology today.