Dog and Cat Boarding in North Richland Hills

The boarding facility at Cornerstone Animal Hospital is closely supervised by our veterinary team. If your pet has any medical condition that need veterinary care or if your pet has an emergency situation, our team is readily available.

We strive to provide exceptional care for your pet when he/she stays with us. You can leave your pets here worry-free and with peace of mind. We provide a quality Science Diet to our guests; however, pet parents are encouraged to bring their pet’s own food and treats when possible in order to avoid diet related problems.

Playtime and Daycare!

Free access to water, food or treats, pet parent’s directions, comfortable bedding, walking in the back yard at least 3 times a day, some play time and lots of love are provided to your pet. If your pet needs extra play time, let our staff know at the time of check-in. If your pet needs a bath or grooming while boarding, feel free to let us know and we’ll take care of it! If your pet has any pre-existing medical conditions or needs medical attention during his/her stay, our experienced staff will take care of that as well, just let us know in advance. Additionally, for special coupons and discounts please visit our promotions page.

Cat Friendly Boarding

Cornerstone Animal Hospital is a cat-friendly practice. We understand that cats need privacy and total separation from dogs in order to have a comfortable stay. We provide a separate boarding area for dogs and cats with your feline companion in mind. This Veterinary facility can accommodate your feline family member for day stays and overnights.

Long-term Boarding
Cornerstone Animal Hospital provides long term boarding depending on space availability. We take care in making your pet’s long term stay as comfortable as possible. Upon leaving your pet with us, pre-payment for at least 50% of the estimated period of stay, a valid form of identification, and a valid credit/debit card on file, are required.

Day Care
If your pet needs day care for a few hours or for a whole day, we are here to help. Our experienced staff will provide your pets with a comfortable stay that includes play time, individual attention, and cozy bedding.

Boarding Policies


Vaccines mandatory for stay at Cornerstone Animal Hospital boarding facility are as follows:

    Dogs: Canine Distemper-Parvo, Bordetella (Kennel cough) and Rabies
    Cats: Feline Distemper, Rabies
    Ferrets: Ferret Distemper and Rabies

All dogs/Cats/Ferrets must be vaccinated by a Licensed Veterinarian and proof of current vaccination should be procured well in advance before the planned check-in date. If immunizations are expired or need booster during the stay, veterinarians at Cornerstone Animal Hospital will do a physical examination and vaccines will be updated. Regular doctor examination and vaccination charges apply.

Flea or Tick Prevention

The boarding facility of Cornerstone Animal Hospital is a “No flea Zone”. In order to ensure the safety of our boarding place and considering the safety of other fellow boarders, we administer flea prevention to each boarding pets on arrival. Many of the flea preventions will not take care of ticks. If we notice ticks on your pets, we will administer a tick prevention medication at additional cost.

Personal Belongings

We allow pet parents leaving with us with their pet’s favorite food, treats, blankets, Leashes and toys. As far as possible, we strive to identify them and return those items as it was left with us. But we are not able to guarantee against loss or misplacement.

Pocket Pet Boarding

At Cornerstone Animal Hospital, we board some exotic pets. They include Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Hamsters and Ferrets. Please provide us with the favorite food, treats, bedding, cages and toys for our exotic guests.

Ferret Vaccines

Ferret Vaccines mandatory for boarding are Ferret Distemper vaccine and Rabies. Please provide proof of vaccination by a Licensed Veterinarian before check-in.

Boarding Deposit

All new clients, long term boarding and holiday boarding pet parents are required to leave at least a 50% deposit of the total estimated cost of boarding at the time of check-in. The deposit amount will be taken in to account at the time of check out. A boarding reservation fees will be charged during holidays to hold reservation. This fees paid will be utilized towards the final settlement of bills on check out. If the boarding is canceled within 2 days of the expected check-in or if the reservations are not kept, the boarding reservation fees will not be refunded.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Pets can be dropped off at boarding during business hours from 8am to 6pm on week days and 9am to 3pm on Saturday. Pick up time is before 1 pm every day. Pets picked up after 1 pm will incur extra day boarding charges.

Unclaimed Pets

If by any reason, a pet is not picked up after the scheduled check out time as agreed and signed by the pet parent at the time of check in and the pet parent has been unreachable by Cornerstone Animal Hospital via reasonable methods of communications regarding the pet left at our facility, the pet shall be considered as abandoned. In such cases Laws regarding the abandonment of pets at Pet Hospital facilities will govern the legal actions taken by Cornerstone Animal Hospital. The pet parent or their designated representative will have all financial responsibilities for boarding charges and all other services provided during the pet’s stay at our facility. Any legal expenses incurred will also be charged.

For more information on pet boarding, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (817) 514-8387.

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