Parasite Prevention Provided by Our North Richland Hills Veterinarian

What you think is a simple nuisance for you is potentially harmful and life-threatening for your pet. You can prevent serious complications and the hassle of having to rid your home of parasites with flea and tick prevention that’s more effective than over-the-counter treatments. And if your pet should have a tick or fleas, Cornerstone Animal Hospital offers flea treatment and safely removes ticks at our veterinary clinic.

Dangers and Complications from Fleas and Ticks

If your pet develops fleas, they multiply quickly, especially if you don’t notice your pet has them right away. Not only does your pet have fleas, but your entire house can become infested. Fleas bite your pet and you and your family as well. Bites are itchy and bothersome and may become infected. Fleas also carry certain diseases that can affect your pet. In addition, if your pet swallows a flea that has a worm, your pet ends up with worms that rob him or her of nutrients and can even kill your pet if left untreated. Ticks are known carriers of viruses such as Lyme disease. This particular condition has the potential to cripple your pet over time.

Different Types of Flea and Tick Prevention 

Spot-on treatments are one of the more common options a veterinary clinic offers for flea prevention as well as a method to prevent ticks. If you opt for this treatment, our veterinarian applies a liquid solution to your pet’s neck. As it enters into your pet, he or she secretes it through the sweat glands, making fleas and ticks avoid contact with your pet. If they should still try to bite your pet, it kills them. These treatments are a relatively inexpensive solution and are well-tolerated by most pets.

Sprays are also an effective prevention method. They consist of an alcohol-based solution the veterinarian sprays on your pet. It’s more likely your pet will experience side effects from this method than spot-on treatments. You may opt for an oral medication for your pet. Unlike a spray that can’t be applied near your pet’s face, an oral medication protects your pet’s entire body. You may need another prevention method in addition to the oral medication or an adjusted dosage to prevent both fleas and ticks.

Treating for Fleas and Ticks at Cornerstone Animal Hospital

If your pet should get fleas or ticks, a veterinarian in North Richland Hills can help. Using a spray or spot-on treatment, a vet kills the fleas on your pet. On the other hand, if your pet has a tick, the vet can safely remove it and even test it for diseases. In addition, a vet offers treatments for your home, so you can remove the source of the problem.

Schedule a tick or flea treatment or prevention by contacting our North Richland Hills, TX veterinary office at Cornerstone Animal Hospital. We’re available by calling  (817) 514-8387.