Cat and Dog Grooming in North Richland Hills

Regular grooming is very important for the nice appearance of your pets and it helps to keep your pet healthy also. Grooming brings to light a lot of the health problems associated with your pet’s hair, skin, feet, ears, eyes and nails. Many times owners may not notice subtle changes or consider them as normal for their pets. Infestation with fleas, ticks and other external parasites are often detected on grooming table, which if not treated promptly can lead to bigger problems later on.

The professional experienced groomer at Cornerstone Animal Hospital can help you with any grooming needs your dog or cat may have. These include regular baths, bath with special shampoos, medicated shampoo bath, breed specific grooming / trimmings, shave-downs, de-shedding, brush outs. Our groomer can make sure that your pet look cute and clean on every grooming visit. If you have any specific requirements to groom your furry friends, our groomer can help to accomplish it to your satisfaction.

At Cornerstone Animal Hospital, there are several services offered at our grooming salon in order to keep your pets healthy, clean and smelling good. Please feel free to call us and talk to the staff, who will help tailor the services to fit your pet’s needs in consultation with the groomer.

The grooming salon at Cornerstone Animal Hospital is designed to provide hands-on care from a certified and well experienced pet stylist. We believe that our grooming services will cater to all your pet’s grooming and bathing needs. The professional pet stylist at our Hospital is well experienced and very compassionate. Our pet stylists work with dogs and cats in a gentle and caring manner and makes sure that your pets will look great and feel great.

Our pet stylists are available on all days except Thursdays and Sundays to take care of your pet’s various Grooming and Bathing needs. For more details about the appointment times, scheduling, grooming choices etc, feel free to contact us at (817) 514-8387. If your pet is boarding with us and needs a bath or grooming before going home, please let us know in advance.

Bathing your pets regularly keep their skin and coat clean from dirt and debris, prevent odor and keep it healthy and lustrous. Pets with skin issues can have medicated shampoo bath or bath with special shampoo and conditioners.

Oral Hygiene
Brushing the teeth regularly help to slow down plaque formation, keep the gum healthy and reduces the bad smell. is not always an easy task for owners to achieve it at home. Our grooming staff can efficiently do this at the time of grooming or bath. For more detailed examination and diagnostics of your pet’s mouth or teeth condition, feel free to schedule an appointment with the Veterinarian.

Vaccinations Required for Grooming Service

Considering the safety of your and other pets and the staff handling the pets, Cornerstone Animal Hospital requires that pets participating in our grooming/bathing services should be current on all core vaccines.

Must be have Rabies, Distemper-Parvo and Bordetella (Bordetella Vaccine every 6 months)

Must have the Rabies, Feline Distemper-Panleucopenia (FVRCP) vaccines.

Young cats /Kittens
Must be at least 12 weeks of age and have received two (2) FVRCP vaccines

Must be at least 12 weeks of age and have received two (2) Distemper-Parvo vaccines and two (2) Bordetella vaccines

Grooming/Bathing Services available:

  • Regular hair cuts
  • Custom cuts
  • Sanitary hair cuts
  • Bathing with specialty shampoos and conditioners
  • De-Shedding and de-matting
  • Hand scissoring for specialty cuts
  • Full body shave
  • Lion cuts for cats
  • Nail trims and anal gland expression
  • Nail grind / dremel
  • Nail polishing
  • Bandanas and bows

Sedation / Anesthesia for Grooming

If your pet is very nervous and needs sedation for grooming, we can help with your pets specific needs. The sedation or anesthesia will be monitored by an experienced Veterinary Technician at Cornerstone Animal Hospital. For older or senior pets, pre-anesthesia blood work is highly encouraged for the safety of your pet.

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For more information on pet grooming & bathing, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (817) 514-8387.

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