How To Make The Final Decision

Many a time some of the symptoms or behavioral changes in your beloved pets make you to think is it time to put him/her to sleep. The most common signs that prompt you to think that the final decision need to be made imminently in an older pet are the following:

  • Considerable weight loss over long period or on a fast pace
  • Unable to stand or need help/support to move around
  • Chronic pain not amenable to pain medications or other medical therapy
  • Not interested in eating or drinking
  • Loosing bowel or urinary control
  • Cognitive disorders- do not respond to the master or show abnormal age–related behavior
  • The pet is appearing to be suffering due to various other reasons

We can help with the Decision

In certain situations, the pet owner may not be able to make the right judgement due to emotional reasons or not fully understanding the medical or ethical validity of the decision. Also you may want to be doubly sure that the final decision is made appropriately and at the right time without the pet suffering from pain or other discomfort. The Veterinarian at Cornerstone Animal Hospital can be trusted in helping you make the right decision. The Veterinary doctor at this hospital do not encourage putting down a pet without valid reasons. The doctor and staff are well known for demonstrating genuine empathy to each pet parent and each pet and in giving a helping hand in making that transition of your pet very smooth and the most comforting experience you ever had.

For more information on euthanasia decisions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (817) 514-8387.