Pharmacy and Pet Food

At Cornerstone Animal Hospital we have a well-stocked pharmacy with name brand pet medications and a wide range of Heartworm and Flea preventions all from reputed manufacturers. All pharmaceutical products and prescription food are sold at competitive prices. All of the products that we carry at Cornerstone Animal Hospital are genuine high quality items directly from manufacturers and are backed by company warranties. There are several coupons available for all Heartworm and Flea preventions we carry. Please ask our staff for help in making a saving.

There are several internet pharmacies and many new ones are mushrooming in the market. All of these pharmacies may carry several pet medicines and prescription food products at a very cheap price, but the idiom “You get what you pay” is very pertinent in this regard. Many of these products are reaching these online companies through a big network of diverters who are trafficking the items through black /grey market. Many of these products may not be original, very poor quality expired and re-packed or near expiring. They lack product safety and effectiveness.

The veterinarians at Cornerstone Animal Hospital will not answer any calls from any of the online pharmacies. We will not fax/email/ call-in or approve any medication prescriptions with any of these pharmacies because of the above reasons, misuse of such prescriptions and that there are many dispensing errors and substitutions we came across.

Considering the fact that there is no way for our veterinarians at Cornerstone Animal Hospital to ensure the quality or effectiveness of the medications your pets are getting through many online pharmacies, we are glad to provide genuine quality medications and other products through a reputed online pharmacy Vet’s First choice. The online pharmacy Vet’s First choice at Cornerstone Animal Hospital provides various pharmaceutical products at competitive and reasonable prices. This online service provide the convenience of home delivery at your door step as well as peace of mind that your pet’s medications are genuine and are backed by the manufacturers guarantee.


If you wish to purchase any pharmaceutical products dispensed at our in-house pharmacy or online pharmacy your pets should have the following requirements satisfied. All pets should have had a physical examination by veterinarians at Cornerstone Animal Hospital in at least the last 12 months period. For pets with some of the chronic conditions that need more close attention, it may be once in 6 months. A half yearly or annual blood work will be required in many chronic conditions and geriatric patients wherever necessary. A negative Heartworm test is mandatory in the last 12 months period before approving Heartworm preventions.

Pet food

Cornerstone Animal Hospital carry prescription pet food from reputed pet food manufactures Hill’s (Science diet) and Royal Canin. All of their food products are backed by a well-established research and Development. These products and prescription food are sold at competitive prices. In order to make sure our clients are saving money, we make many coupons available for our in-house food purchases. We will arrange home delivery of all Hill’s prescription and non-prescription food and treats too at very competitive prices.