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Cat Declawing

Cat Declawing with Cornerstone Animal Hospital in North Richland Hills

Our cats can oftentimes tear up our household. This is oftentimes due to a behavioral problem that training simply cannot fix. Fortunately, there are safe procedures available that can prevent your cat from tearing clawing at your furniture and creating a mess. Cat declawing is a safe method that removes the front claws from your cat's paws. It has been medically approved of by multiple boards of veterinarians and has support by many Vet professionals. Cornerstone Animal Hospitals in North Richland Hills has some facts for you that will help educate you on cat declawing before you choose this procedure for your cat.

Cat laying down on a couchHow Cats Get Declawed

The declawing procedure is done by amputating the last bone of the toe that contains the claw. Your cat undergoes anesthesia during this time to avoid feeling any physical pain during this procedure. Other options include laser surgery that utilizes a small, intense beam of light that removes the tissue by heating it. Finally, a third option is available that is known as a tendonectomy. The tendon that controls the claw in each paw is severed. This means that your cat does not have the ability to control their claws, though they are still physically intact.

How Your Vet Can Help

Your local vet can help educate you on the declawing process for your cat. It is not a procedure that should be done with no education at all. It is a permanent procedure that cannot be undone once it is finished. Your local vet will provide you with the proper consultation and educational materials necessary to help you come to a final decision on whether or not your cat should be declawed. It is highly recommended that you first pursue consultation before you choose to declaw your cat on an impulse.

Getting Your Cat Professionally Declawed

Cornerstone Animal Hospital is committed to helping your animal live the best life they can live. We service the North Richland Hills area and provide care for emergency animal services as well as routine treatments. Your pet is your family and we treat them with love and care. Dr. Mathew Thomas has years of experience as a leading Vet in the field and provides a welcoming facility with friendly staff that is ready to assist you and your pet. Give us a call today at (817) 514-8387 to schedule your professional appointment to get your cat safely declawed by our professional staff.

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